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Rough double penetration sex

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Duration: 46min Girls:  Grace C 

Tell you what, that chick was definitely asking for it. She's dressed so seductively, and she was walking the deserted streets all alone as if looking for trouble. Well, you found it, babe! Three horny thugs brought her to their apartment to make an amateur gangbang porno vid, and the chick had no choice but take part in this raunchy double penetration video. But it seems that she really loved all that slapping and dirty language and hard anal sex! Anyway, this hard core sex movie really rocks! Hot hardcore porn with a helpless sexy girl doing hard deep throat and being banged in her every hole - that hot dp movie is a must-see!

Tags: blowjob, deep throat, piercing, high heels, anal, group, DP, creampie, brunette
Rating: 4.4 (33 votes) Pretty Cool

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Member’s comments (4):

topcat5730777 (1 Oct, 2013)

What a shame! Such a hot little horny girl and great action BUT YOU CANNOT SEE HER OR THE ACTION CUZ THE LIGHTING WAS TERRIBLE! What the hell was the 'director' thinking? Would love to see Demi in a similar shoot with better lighting. Aside from this scene most scenes are very good (would prefer more facials though) and I have to admit -- Russian chicks rule!

mgFXk8hU (22 Oct, 2012)

the best, pictures

wallnib_8666 (2 Jun, 2012)

the lighting in these movies is terrible.

spiderlegs (21 Jan, 2012)

I luv Demi :)