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Duration: 48 min
Girl name: Katerina

Today was supposed to be just an ordinary day. Me and my buddies were so bored, so we went to the beach to play ball and to watch hot babes sunbathe. However, one of them enjoyed our attention so much that she came closer to us and made a show of oiling her body. Damn, I got hard as soon as she let me oil her back and her booty! After that the bitch decided to play touch-me-nit and said she was going home, but it was too late. We took her to some empty cottage and totally fucked her brains out! Check out the way she enjoyed real hard fucking and the way she screamed as we did double penetration. Next time she'll…

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Duration: 60 min
Girl name: Olivia

I met this babe a couple of years ago, and the only reason why I didn't fuck her brains out was that she had a very jealous boyfriend and she was too afraid to cheat on him. So we were just friends, but I was always waiting for a chance to finally have very hard sex with her. And you know what, today was my lucky day! She finally decided to leave her boyfriend and asked me to help her move to another flat. I called my friends with a big car (and big cocks too, by the way). The silly girl was really thinking we'd help her with the moving, but we had something else on our minds. Amateur double penetration and real hard…

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Duration: 61 min
Girl name: Anna Taylor

It was my best friend's birthday, and I was splitting hairs at what to present him with. See, he's really well off, can afford anything, and besides, he works too much and hardly ever leaves his office. So I thought, why not throw a wild DP sex party right in his office? I found a girl who was supposed to dance striptease for my buddy, but she didn't know about my true intentions. However, as soon as the naughty babe saw us getting hard she didn't hesitate to perform a kick-ass hardcore blowjob. Well, it looked like we didn't have to try hard to talk her into having a wild gangbang scene! She easily went for double…

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Duration: 49 min
Girl name: Dominica Phoenix

What's a best way to make the bad-tempered and self-conceited bitch shut up? You'll find all the answers in this hot gangbang porno movie. Anyway, me and my buddies were hired to paint a room in her apartment, and apparently she didn't like the result. That's enough to make us mad as hell, but this bitch made things even worse by refusing to pay us. She was rude, she was stupid, and she clearly deserved a punishment. So I put my cock in her mough to make her shut up, and my buddies filled her pussy and asshole with theirs. Ah, what can be better than really hard DP to make any babe nice and sweet? We left her on the…

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Duration: 51 min
Girl name: Eva Shanti

What would you do if you met a beautiful girl whose heart was broken by her asshole boyfriend? I know, most guys would console her and tell her that the bastard didn't deserve her anyway, or something like that. What bullshit! Me and my buddies know a better way to make her feel better! Take the sad bitch home and make a first-class group sex video with her! Doesn't matter if she wants to, it's even more exciting if she begges you to stop and let her go. Hardcore anal sex makes the bitch forget her boyfriend's faults, and after amateur double penetration that we do on camera she wishes she were home with her BF again.…

Rating: 4.6 of 5 (14 votes)
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Duration: 62 min
Girl name: Sabina Moore

Has it ever occured to you that any real estate deal is a perfect excuse to throw a little hot hardcore sex party? Check it out, my friend Eric decided to sell his apartment, and I wanted to buy it, so we called a cute blonde estate agent for help. She thought it was all about business, but we knew that our true intention was very hard sex! At first we discussed the flat and all the legal aspects (as if we cared!), but then we made it clear that she could earn extra by providing special service to us. The poor bitch wanted to leave, but we were too horny to let her go without hardcore double penetration sex. Her clothes…

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Anna Taylor
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Dominica Phoenix
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Eva Shanti
Rating: 4.7 of 5 (58 votes)
Sabina Moore
Rating: 4.7 of 5 (45 votes)
Miranda Deen
Rating: 4.5 of 5 (14 votes)
Aruna Aghora
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Rating: 4.6 of 5 (66 votes)
Kristall Rush
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Nicoline Yiki
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Rating: 4.8 of 5(49 votes)
Rating: 4.8 of 5(49 votes)
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